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Richmond, VA – State Trooper and 6 Others Injured in Multi-Vehicle Collision on I-95

Richmond, VA (September 13, 2023) – A serious multi-vehicle accident on September 13th, on I-95 left seven individuals injured, including a Virginia State trooper. This incident involved at least two Virginia State Police cruisers and a motorcyclist trying to elude law enforcement in a high-speed pursuit.

, Richmond, VA – State Trooper and 6 Others Injured in Multi-Vehicle Collision on I-95

As state police maneuvered their vehicles to encircle the motorcycle near the Dale City rest area, with the intent to apprehend the fugitive, the motorcyclist made a fateful attempt to evade capture.

In doing so, the motorcycle inadvertently sideswiped one of the state police vehicles, leading to a loss of control and a subsequent crash on the roadside, as reported by State Trooper, Geller.

Simultaneously, in their bid to avoid colliding with the motorcycle, state police vehicles executed abrupt braking maneuvers, inadvertently colliding with each other. This collision triggered a chain-reaction accident involving three non-law-enforcement vehicles that were traveling southward on I-95, according to Geller.

One trooper and six individuals, both drivers and passengers of the civilian vehicles, were transported to a nearby hospital for the treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, as confirmed by Geller.

Remarkably, the motorcyclist emerged from the ordeal unscathed and was taken into custody without further incident. Geller indicated that charges stemming from this reckless pursuit are pending.

Our thoughts are with the injured parties, and we extend our wishes for their swift recovery.

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